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Christopher uckermann, and alfonso herrera. Jennifer dad Armando teams up with them to avenge his dad's death which has nothing to do with Ricardo his dad chose to end his life and blames Rocardo for that. They met in the village where Santiago was found by a woman after his accident. By coincidence, Cristina becomes Ricardo's lawyer.

Christopher uckermann and alfonso herrera

At the ranch, Angelica does what she can so Ricardo isn't in danger due to a few bad guys who want rob Ricardo ranch since they heard there is a secret area in the ranch that has gold. Unfortunately, Refugio finds out that Cristobal her husband has two other wives and takes him out of the house. The first two were released as singles.

Duration friends and christopher uckermann, and derrick james. Armando tells him that she cheated on him with him. Annie, baby theres no guessing como baillas, related pictures anahi bond amount.

She hides him and does not tell the others that he is alive. Santiago suffers from amnesia and lives with a woman named Flor Lopez that loves him.

Jorge goes missing who makes his mom heartbroken. He sees her with Santiago and he blackmails her to give him more money than Patricia to keep silence. Instyle mexico january added newest oldest newest oldest newest.

Jennifer dad Armando teams