It was absolutely disgusting

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Long lines and

Shortly after I received the email. Long lines, and uninformed sales staff give the store a poor reputation. When I got home and tied one on it was too small, so two days later I took them back to the same store and exchanged them for one size larger. Today, when I get home, I took out one of the Tommy Hilfiger shirts and there was a live worm on it. Of course the hold time was lengthy before the supervisor could come to the phone.

Shortly after I

Now, two weeks later I get my credit card bill and they charged me for both transaction and did not credit back the first transaction. So I called back and the second associate was extremely nice. But in this case that sure is not true. The person took my first order, and was finished. During the last several months, it has been one mistake after another.

Shame on you for Christ is the reason for the season. My lawyer will be contacting The Connecticut Department of labor. It was absolutely disgusting.