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They printed their own fan magazine and created cards for club members. Elvis eventually whipped out a few guitars for an impromptu jam session. Then he caught a plane back to England, and his glory days were done.

This was a pretty big deal for John Lennon. That would seem to coincide with Cynthia's report of her popping up and stalking Lennon. Ringo started drinking heavily and shagging other women. Beatlemania as a fad is forever.

For all their musical savvy The

Soon after, the two began dating. And of course, for those who need and have to possess all things Beatle, this is already an essential set. When the Beatles finally broke up, Paul asked her if she'd like to be in a band with him playing keyboards.

Linda had vowed that one day she would marry Paul McCartney and that day was inching closer and closer. John even had a roll out bed installed in his Rolls Royce so they could shag in transit. Four hours later, the meeting was over.

The albums were then

Paul has finally found a love that lasts forever and a love that has no past. They remained together and apparently inseparable. When The Beatles finally showed up for the big meet, things began awkwardly. For two years they battled it but it sadly was in vain. This woman was always posting cards through the door and ringing their house.

Lennon, always one to add fuel to the fire, made a joke about replacing George with Eric Clapton. Nicol was a year-old drummer and the head of his own band, The Shubdubs. Tired of English weather and crazy fans, Lennon wanted a place where he and his friends could live in peace. There were four teams, each one made of six men.

For all their musical savvy, The Beatles were lousy businessmen. The albums were then sold for a hefty price. She watched them perform at the Cavern Club in Liverpool and met Ringo Starr when a friend bet her she wouldn't kiss him.

As a result, there was a lot of fighting, resulting in band members recording by themselves. Jane wouldn't name a day and their relationship was rocky, there was a tense moment when Jane threatened to leave Paul for a bloke in Bristol she'd been seeing. They had a son the same year, Dhani and they lived together at Friar Park.