Many of us had the same dilemma


Exotic Beauty Women from Belarus are among some of the most beautiful women in the world. Women from Belarus don't just run away from problems in a relationship. The political and economic situation in Belarus is quite difficult so most women from Belarus are generally very hard working and careful with money. Honesty, sincerity, respectfulness and politeness can take you very far with a Belarusian girl.

Belarusian women are a breath of fresh air for any Western guy because they're so completely and utterly different to the women you're used to. Another great feature of women from Belarus is they are far more problem solving oriented.

Exotic Beauty Women from Belarus

Whatever your reason for coming, we are here to meet it. This is defiantly not the case.

The nice thing about a wife from here is many of them are capable of great endurance. You are the knight, she is the princess. Problems with Pursuing a Belarus Bride One of the problems with pursuing beautiful Belarus girls is that the government of Belarus is still more or less a Soviet styled Communist dictatorship.

This means their independence doesn't come at the cost of ruined relationships and ongoing bitterness towards men. They're beautiful, but not vain.

When it comes to conversation it's a really good idea to learn Russian or Belarusian. What women from Belarus want to know most of all is what kind of intentions you have towards her. You'd do well to open doors for her, present her with a bunch of flowers for no reason, and generally just live up to her expectations of what a real man does when dating. That time comes for most of us, sooner or later. Due to the religious culture, they are not materialistic.

Women from Belarus don't just run

And some of you just want to look over the photos. At one point the Belarusian government even made an effort to restrict the mail order bride business in Belarus, because they felt that the hottest women were leaving, but, thankfully, they gave up. This does open up lots of dating opportunities for Western guys who are more than happy to date thirty-something women. In many ways they are quite like western women except that they are more traditional.