My art work keeps me occupied

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In my downtime, watch a new series on Netflix, or just running, weights, being outdoors. We believe that professional singles deserve a better way to meet new people. Family, friends, current affairs, Motorcycles push bikes, fitness, healthy life lifestyle, healthy food, cooking, keeping my home clean and tidy. Just as long as your not a serial killer. Understanding, to a lot of situations people find themselves in, or where guidance is needed to achieve success.

Catching up with family and friendsEnjoy feeding my mind

Prefer fish and chips on the beach watching a nice sunset to fancy restaurants. Have worked in offices as assistants also have done a short course on counselling.

Catching up with family and friends. Enjoy feeding my mind on great novels, getting involved is very enjoyable for me.

Honesty is important and loyalty is a must. While at the same time have a funny, entertaining, very sociable personality. Love my veggie patch, finally not killing plants.

Love the outdoors whetever fo a walk in the park a day at the beach I prefer to swim in the river then the ocean, love going on road trips in the country. Live a quiet life, enjoying simple things. Liars and cheats are a turn off.