Miracles are the great equalizer

Carbon dating exponential decay formula graph

When vapor condenses into water, it releases the same amount of heat which originally turned it into a vapor. It makes God out to be an idiot.

There is no scientific way to separate star light from its origin in a star. Attempts to speed up the velocity of light or to shrink down the universe have come to naught. The slower light decayed to its present speed, the more obvious that latter problem becomes. Nor would soft sediments support the high, vertical walls and pillars found in the Grand Canyon. We would be dealing with ice crystals, each orbiting the earth like a tiny satellite.

Large reservoirs of water soon erupted as well, and the catastrophic violence dissolved the surface of the earth. Such a slowdown shouldn't be confused with the legitimate slowdown calculated on the basis of special relativity. However, that wouldn't drive the water much higher than the original sea level as the rock and water would simply change places.

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True, one can simply say that God did it and leave it at that. Sinking basins soon gathered the water into today's oceans even as other areas rose up to form today's mountains. More of the vapor canopy would then condense and heat the atmosphere back up, once again checking any further decay of the canopy. Furthermore, in choosing a model that allows the speed of light to decay more slowly to its present value, we are left with another problem. Even if that could be done, it would create another heat problem.

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