He had wrapped it and everything

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Pink dusted Nico's cheek when both their hands brushed against one another when he grabbed it. Call it fate or whatever, but what brought them together was more cruel than he could have imagined. The camera focused on Will from behind. Just when he thought nothing else could happen on the way to the bathroom, he was suddenly knocked back by a body.

But now, now he had the day to himself. Maybe some relaxing time would be nice on his birthday. The main cast were the first to come in. Will found himself looking forward to his time off so he could skip over to the store to find the boy that owned the notebook. If I could get words out, I would most likely tell them how much I'm in love with them.

When he was dragged over to the seat, he found himself thinking over everything, preparing his answers because from what he knew, this would be a tricky interview. Just the way he talked about it sent shivers up his spine. He looked at Will while taking a sip of his coffee. Hanging up in his room was other small things like the letters of acceptance for his books when it started to go into print.

When Will showed up to the next read-through, he had more than enough coffee in his cup with him that day. Nico had gotten the one thing in the world that nobody could get their hand on, because, technically, it didn't even exist, sort of speak. As the narration came to a halt, a wide birds-view angle slowly showed the mass destruction that was caused because of the fight. Even with the movie out, they had this big sale on posters and books and stuff.

This went on for months, so don't forget I was an idiot for months with these people trying to learn how to talk. When Reyna had first looked over the rough draft, that was the first time he had seen such a piss poor rushed version of a story bring that girl to tears so fast. To rip such a small glimpse of a simple dream away from him was more painful then he would have ever thought it to be.

He looked at the boy then forward, glancing at the books in his hand before a small knowing smile appeared on his face. He adverted his eyes after a few seconds of eye contact. After debated whether or not to chase after him in the direction, his bladder had other plans. Like, if I had any fewer morals, I would probably write fan fiction about us. But really, he didn't care.

When they sat down, Nico did his usual thing of pulling his feet up on the seat, cradling his newly united notebook in his arms in front of his chest, not letting it go. He read it over once, twice, three, four, five times.

So this was a moment that he would never forget, yet he wished he could do over again. He was quickly pulled form his when the two working on him stopped and his manager made her way over. He thought it over in his mind as he walked up to his car, unlocking it and getting in. It was hard for him to believe that this was happening.

Maybe some relaxing time would

He held another one in his other hand, looking back and forth on both of them, trying to pick which one he wanted more. It was two people having a conversation, not a fan panicking about a celebrity.

But now now he had the

And that same actor was sitting in front of him, drinking coffee with his at his favorite book store, in his spot. Augustine Will probably died right there in that chair.