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Consolidating a dispatch center

The primary target audience

Local representatives from fire departments and members of the general public in some areas have taken a keen interest in this project. An interagency press release will be going out very soon. Inconsistent messaging has resulted in confusion. In many cases there is misunderstanding about what the consolidation will do and how it will affect them. Specifically, that Price was over looked and that Carbon County was willing to build the facility.

There should be adequate time to complete the project and move in to the new facility before the lease on the current building expires. Different ways of communicating this message have caused problems. The Oversight Committee studied the options and grouped them by commonality. The purpose of the meeting was to gather input from agency fire officials and dispatch center managers on the establishment of boundaries for a three center dispatch system in Utah. The funding appropriated by the legislature for the project should be adequate to build the dispatch center and cache.

Many of you know me from my career with the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands but let me introduce myself to those that do not. It is the intent to provide the most current and accurate information to all stake holders and be open and transparent about the process.

Several options were developed. Delivering dispatch consolidation information has been challenging. Dispatch fair share cost sharing was a goal I worked on during my time with the state and sadly never fully achieved.

The biggest misconception is that

The biggest misconception is that suppression resources are being consolidated along with the dispatch system resulting in loss of capacity and increased response time to fires locally. The primary target audience is agency personnel however, it is recognized that there are many others interested in how this project develops so the information here can and should be shared widely. This decision, to move forward, was not a a call to execute consolidations no matter what. The common purpose is and always has been moving toward a three center dispatch structure. It was determined that additional information was needed on boundary location and cost before a decision could be made.