Felix is an off-the-charts genius

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After being freed, Bianca helped them track down the Lochts, but didn't help them fight as she is now terrified of monsters due to her age. Now they decided to live in their own home that they bough in last year, this shows that they also planned for upcoming married life. From last three year to till now in she is dating with her only boyfriend. From start of career to till now she was not reported in any affair that cause ashamed for her family.

After being freed Bianca helped

His worst fear is that he would not be able to help Felix and Hayley if they were in trouble. Unlike all of the main characters, Stockley's first name hasn't been revealed. Last year they bought a house and now living happily at same place. She is half human, half monster. Jake's character is named after one of the creator's son Max Burnett's son, Jake.

Now they decided

Both of these two first met during the shoot of a serial. It can produce a baby Snark by biting its host.

She's a bad girl who likes to cause trouble and has been in detention many times. Stockley is named after one of the creator's Max Burnett's favorite teachers from Jr. She did kiss him on the cheek, however, and hints that a cute girl in chemistry has a crush on him he doesn't know which girl, and will probably never find out. Before this she found love in Brian Patrick Kehoe, but this relation was not worked for long time.

High in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Stephen Stockley. Till enjoy with only Boyfriend Daniella Monet is a good human being who always believes on true relations. He is the main antagonist of the series.

She called his cell phone, which rang inside the cocoon that Jake was held in and Hayley and Felix found out Jake was the monster. Teenagers are chosen for the troop because their minds are more accepting of the strange things in the world, but they are old enough to understand the responsibilities that are entailed. She has shown in some episodes that she is destined to be part of the Troop as she met a dragon and was not afraid of it, and also wasn't afraid in the Halloween special. Afterward she started proper acting, and then eventually known for presenting the role in sitcom.

Had the series been renewed for a third season, he would've returned as the main antagonist. He sees himself as a type of James Bond within The Troop who Jake and Hayley look up to, but in reality, they both think he is just the stereotypical nerd.

He turns out to be a Locht in disguise. She made her debut appearance in the episode of American drama series. She eats a lot of standard food to stop her monster cravings.

She may still be in a relationship with Jake after this. He and Sanjay were the ones who dared Jake to sleep-over in the abandoned hospital. She sometimes acts as if she doesn't care about Jake but really does care for him.

The second season was turned in a different direction. Now both are living happily and will aim to tie knot. She and Jake are good friends, but there have been several hints of something more. She enjoys skateboarding and has a crush on Jake. Hayley and Felix often have to watch his back, because his instinct for danger often gets him into trouble.