Here's a video of him speaking

Dating a social outcasting

Strict sects like the Amish church for example, are known to shun members for deviating from their strict rules for what much of the world would consider minor offences. There may be a natural evolutionarily-driven tendency for humans to reject homosexual tendencies because it has the potential to hinder the survival of the human race. Judging a person because of how much money he has can have no bearing on his positive contribution to society.

Only taking care of

This Overtime edition is linked to the two broadcast editions of OutCasting that contain the interview with Alex and Gilbert. People who are mentally unwell or unpredictable could be a danger to the group and for this reason are often feared and ostracized. People who choose to dress in intimidating ways can instil fear in others who may interpret their intimidating appearance as an indicator of pent up aggression or unpredictable behaviour. In all cases of the above mentioned encumbrances, good social skills and providing benefits to the group can over-ride other socially hindering factors of group acceptance. This is commonly a reason to shun people in religious communities.

Having said that, honest assessment and constructive criticism is a useful offering to the group. As long as the benefits the group member has to offer outweigh the hindrances, they are often accepted into the group.

What music people like

What music people like, or what clothes they wear can give clues to whether there will be problems finding common group to enable the joy of group play. Only taking care of yourself and not giving anything to others. Stereotypical bikers, goths, and punks often exude slightly intimidating airs which may be feared by others. The best advice perhaps is to seek other social groups with similar values to yours that will appreciate your gifts. In this month's edition of OutCasting Overtime, youth participants Alex, Andrea, and Lauren talk about all of this and more.

With the wide amalgamation of personality traits humans possess, hindering traits like narcissism and neuroticism are often found alongside positive traits, including good social skills. He prefers that his voice not be heard, so Max pictured tells the story. The reaction to sickness is an instinctual one, where many people find it repulsive due to the evolutionarily coded need to avoid disease. Here's a video of him speaking. It is only when a tyrannical or fanatical stance is taken, where compromise and consideration of others is disregarded, that disagreements can become an encumbrance.