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Dating bach trumpet

Information about a particular instrument usually can be found on the shop card that corresponds to the serial number of the instrument. These hybrid bells require three numbers after the word Model, e. The bell brass codes will be discussed in some detail. It was first used in New York, i.

The authors were surprised, for example, to find that the older New York Bachs are lighter instruments than modern ones. The authors believe that they were dropped in favor of putting letters on the second valve casings, e. The last two digits indicating bore sizes eventually were dropped from the bells.

Readers will observe that they are stamped in the same position as the bell number identifiers on the Faciebat Anno bells. Even without considering manufacturing differences, the old ones play and feel different because they are different. They represent a return to the simplicity of the original stamping arrangement of the earliest Bachs, with the exception that the model name is on them.

The codes probably bedeviled Bach's competitors, as they did the authors. For example, bronze bells were made from thicker metal. The reason for concentrating on this topic is that the codes identify characteristics that differentiate how the instruments play.

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As for instruments in other keys, the bell number stampings follow the same general ideas as those of the Bb instruments, although the bell numbers are very different. More and more information came to be located there, sometimes by exception. The Company Name The company name, Vincent Bach Corporation, remained in the same position as on bells with other marking arrangements. It is not illustrated in this article. Trombones, for example, had a set.