His Name was Peter Verzoni

Dating in senigallia italy genealogy

What i like to known iis where did his father came from. My family worked in Lawrence's mills, a city made up entirely of immigrants, before moving out to the suburb of Methuen.

Both are gone but never forgotten. The Romanim keep their own traditions.

There is also a small yeshiva

So anyone related and I know there are many cousins out there or a family friend, any help would be appreciated. My Aunt Yolanda Menzetti has since past on as well, but I would like to know more about my family history. Her father's name was Luigi.

Would love to hear any info about the regions of Corio, Enna, Dipignano and anything about these surnames. Just needed to check in and add my new e-mail address.

Giuseppina Josephine later returned to Sicily where she died. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My grandmom was named Guiseppina Tunnillo changed to Josephine Tummillo. They left Sicily and moved to New York, then L. Their son My grandfather was Erasmo Gervase b.

The primary source which confirms her parentage has not yet been identified. There is also a small yeshiva, which serves to ordain Italian rabbis. The last name would be Cangiano, and I know at one time they owned a jewelry store in Benevento. Conte di Teate, Conte di Chieti.

Father name is anthony tempe, Az. My family and I do not know anything else about their family. Francesa remarried Sebastiano Rodriequez.

The Jews frantically collected the gold from all their households and from Christian friends who would help. The first family of counts of Chieti, shown below, have Lombard names.

Any information on the Faenza family would be much appreciated. Emil had a brother Amedeo married Jennie Borino son Vittorio vincent.

The primary source which confirms

Their names are Paul and Francesca Formica Emanuele. Francese was my grandmother's maiden name and Fele was my grandfather's last name. Mathurin Campagna may have originally from Italy. Many Jews decided to move to Rome because it was a good trade center. Does anyone have any information about imigration records, ships, etc.