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Dating zeiss lenses

In Zeiss bought the camera maker Palmos A. That way Zeiss avoided too fast growth of its own production facilities. This code, most often in red ink, was stamped somewhere on the rear end of the lens mount, often on the wall of the rear lens baffle. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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They come in a metal mount, with a scalloped, metal focussing ring. This code is also present on some other Canon products including camera bodies.

One major reason for this was that Deckel, the company that made the Synchro Compur shutter, rather suddenly decided to close shop. At that time, Hasselblad also was producing the series. But the coating they had was initially a single layer one. German politics also directly or indirectly influenced the foreign trade of the Zeiss company during this period, besides protectionistic measures abroad. It seems likely that there was a carry over of numbers in some years from one year to the next, due to numbers being booked for a contract or sale in advance- or some such mechanism.

Tables doing just that are compiled by collecting serial numbers of specific lenses together with information about when these lenses were first bought. The date of manufacture will most likely be represented by the earliest date found, while later dates may represent the times the lens had returned to the factory for a major repair. Thus it is normal to find cases where lenses were never made to match numbers reserved for them.

The other part remained in Jena, but soon lost the right to use the traditional names, like the brand name Zeiss and the related famous lens names. Regarding race he also came into arguments with Dr. Zeiss Jena also provided some military equipment to other countries either directly or through licensing.

Nazification Carl Zeiss was affected negatively by the great depression. See if you can find one or perhaps more than one stamp in red dish ink somewhere. Another feature that the Milvus primes benefit from, also inherited from the Touit and Loxia primes, is their blue rubber weather seal at the rear of the lenses. Canon increments this letter each year starting with A in and prior to that, A in without the leading factory code.

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Civil development and production While the economy bettered, the independence of the company became restricted through the s by a series of laws which e. It is present in all but the very earliest C lenses. Zeiss serial numbers do not contain coded information about when a lens was made. Sony uses Zeiss lenses for its digital cameras.

At the same time there was a certain room for innovations, which made it possible for Zeiss to keep its quasi-monopoly status in the civil market. The two digits are a reversed representation of the year of manufacture. Serial numbers therefor can only be used to date lenses if we have some way to link serial numbers to years.

This is all great and we expect nothing less than a proper, robust housing from Zeiss. The stamp may be smudged, or incomplete, making it difficult to decipher. So Hasselblad worked with the Gauthier company - the maker of Prontor shutters - to develop a replacement shutter. Though certainly improvements, they are only small ones.

However, according to Boegehold and Wandersleb, at that point and a long time before, his name was not allowed to be mentioned in public. In the countries of the Eastern block, they continued to use the full names. There are also still gaps between the blocks of numbers attributed to years. One part was recreated in West Germany and based in Oberkochen, and kept within the Zeiss Foundation.